Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who waters cardboard? WE do!!!

I didn't even know what mulch was last Sunday at the mulch garden gardening class last Sunday . . . I'm not sure if I even know know! haha

I do know that we had a great time, and I feeeel soooo knowledgeable from that one hour mulch gardening hands-on workshop class that Ricki and I attended downtown Phoenix at 12th Street and Thomas.

Layering "lasagna" is what we did! When we showed up there was a patch of dry clay soil, and when we left we had built a full on mulch garden that will be ready to plant come fall. After turning the soil and pulling all the Bermuda grass "weeds", we started our layering. First cardboard (carbon), then mature, fine, compost (live matter), then the chicken manure, then the dry leaves, then the layer of newspaper, then the compost again, and so on . . .when we done, it looked like a 6 to 8 inch pile of yard lasagna with trellis laying on top! (To keep the cats out.)

We met a wonderful new friend, Dayna, who came to the meeting tonight as well and met some of the other gals - she is such a contribution, and we are so happy to know her. She shared the YouTube video, HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION, with us tonight - I encourage you all to watch it as it is very impressive and inspiring! You'll see a lawn that has fallen victim to 6 inches of mulch for sure!!! :)

Kristin shared the shopping cheat sheets she has put together for our use - at the farmers markets and grocery stores. Thank you Kristin for being part of this group! Ricki has shared the notes we gathered from herb gardening and mulch gardening this past weekend and Kristin has shared her mulch gardening notes and composting notes with us as well!

***** Nature's Garden Delivered!!! YOU will LOVE!!! For the matter of fact you will love a lot of Arizona's Green Businesses that you find on the organic consumers website! *****

Look at some of our "minis". . . peace & happiness mixed in with a lot of health . . . couldn't have planned it any better! xo

The video said it best: "By the process of directly working in harmony with nature, we do the one thing most essential to change the world . . . we change ourselves!"


  1. Check out Love Grows Farms, it is local, orgainc and pesticide free. There are lots of pick up locations. We are going in with our neighbors to try it out. We'll keep you posted:)

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