Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It started with a thought - great intention + ACTION!


"Hi Shauna,

Here is our little green house - well, partially green house! We need to finish the paint, create the plant beds, build a fan system, more compost bins, wrap it up etc.; I'm sure all of our imaginations and visions will continue to expand as we journey through our first attempt at a project like this. There will be several more parts to piece in before our home of tasty fruits and veggies is complete! My mama Sheri and step father Tommy wanted to make sure everyone felt more than welcome to join in or stop by anytime. Shauna- my mom wanted to pass on a thank you for being the spark!

I will blog my finding on heart and liver health from the newsletter in the next day or two. XOXO

So stoked for our group right now! Congrats to every single gal - we all have gardens growing and blooming! Congrats to Anna and her family for their new greenhouse! It is amazing - they have been invited to build another greenhouse at a local charter school and we will all be there to help! AMAZING - EXACTLY what we wanted to do - lead by example and get the vision spreading! Congrats to Jami and Kahala for their at work container gardens!!! We will be posting the article that was written about their project on this blog in the near future!

We discussed it all tonight!
  • Cell Power - Cleanse, Nourish and Energizer your body at the cellular level!

  • The importance of healthy PH balance & alkaline's ability to help neutralize over-acidity in the body caused by stress, modern diet, air pollution, and even acidic bottled water.

  • Breast Health - how eating organic and healthy is important specifically to this area of our our health b/c our breast are estrogen sensitive and are susceptible to the chemically estrogen-like toxins that are found in the environment and in processed foods and genetically engineered foods.

  • The benefits of Coconut oil - this is a saturated fat and is best for our bodies digestion. No matter what - using cold-pressed, unrefined, extra virgin and/or raw oil is best. Visit to find out Carol Ann Wasserman's (a certified holistic health practitioner) cooking tips with coconut oil.

Our very own Britony will be putting together another useful letter for this years group as she did for last years group ( She said that she has tons of new tips and better advice now than she did then! Yay!

The information below are a list of links that Ricki found. . . .Sunscreen - which are bad for you and which are good? Also all other make-up and product safety standards that are listed on this link - they may make us look great on the outside but what are they doing to us on the inside?

Here are some of the links from the school garden tour day as well! Master gardeners, for getting real serious and real busy!

Granny's garden school, curriculum for schools!

Phoenix permaculture guilde. Ricki became a member and this and this is how she knows about the classes that are coming up this weekend. Everyone should sign up and be in the know of the activities happening regularly. :)

Civil eats blog.

Edible schoolyard. An example of the real and awesome actions.

Farm to table -

(Thanks for gatheing those links Ricki)

Girls- look through teh links and for now, there are 2 gardening classes that we will be attending this weekend for those that would like to join:

One on Saturday . . .

One on Sunday . . . . this is about how to build a mulch-layered garden.


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  1. LOTS of information shared this week. I can't believe you covered all of it!!! What a great year and especially 'fruitful' group. This is fantastic Shauna, and yes, it is happening...