Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is my 4 week old Zucchini too big for this pot? ;)


I pick up these Developing Healthy Habits Newsletters from a health store where I buy my shakes - we are reading through them and taking the highlights back to the group. In one of them, Fundamentals for Breast Health, it stated that mankind has introduced numerous xenestrogens (external estrogen-like chemicals) into the world at large, the food supply and even medicines. Breast tissue is very estrogen sensitive leading to externally altered hormone states. Many pesticides fit this bill, which is just one of many reasons that eating organic is so important!

Ricki shared some pictures and thoughts from the food tour this past Saturday - it is great to be living in an area where fwd thinking and pro-activity is taking place. Thanks Ricki for getting involved this past weekend to learn and share.

We took a little while to discuss the intricate details of starting a community garden. Talked about things within the following topics:
  • Policies
  • Garden Needs
  • Site Selection
  • Insurance
  • Water - Sisterning.
  • Grants & Funding
  • Containers
  • Greenhouses
  • Community involvement
  • Composting
  • Fencing
  • Volunteering

I encourage you to go back to my first blog post of 2010 and click and review all the links from the American Community Garden Association.

It was great to hear that our actions are causing and creating positive reactions from our families - Anna's family has a massive composting bin and two greenhouses on the way! Way to go Jones!

Christina brought some great info in:

Nutrition Works - Health store that sells natural things that help the body run healthy! 1-888-451-0001 They ship anywhere . .

Local farmer - John Milton - teaches farming and community gardening locally. His has a local farm and local company called Udder Delights. 480.507.3859. They have a diary farm, Superstition Farm, and all their products supply the store where you can get fresh, local, delicious sweets! Check out their farm and their store!

Tonight was great - We are growing! :)


  1. Hi all! I'm going to this gardening class to grow herbs at the Farm South Mountain. We can discuss tomorrow evening. It would be so fun if more could attend :) May be $10 donation.

  2. Oh! I'm attending this one on Sunday, the previous one is on Saturday.

    This is about how to build a mulch-layered garden.

  3. Hey Ladies!
    I'm posting a link to a number of farmers markets around the state. That way no matter where you go you can purchase locally!