Monday, May 24, 2010

Beauty!!! Inside & Out! xoxoxox

A picture is worth a thousand words. . . This picture could be you!

Dayna Love and her friend Ruth joined us for our last meeting before the 2 month hiatus to share in "Ageloc" technology!

Non-surgical face lifts!!!

Dayna can be reached directly at 480.245.1516 . . .she is happy to treat anyone who was not able to attend the meeting!

Dayna came and lead our women's group . . . she talked to us about non-surgical face lifts and how to take care of our skin in the most natural non-evasive way possible. She shared her thoughts on why somethings like Botox and microdermabrasion are not so great for us. She said that we are all born with what is called mother cells in our skin and when we do invasive chemical peels or repeated microdermabrasion it removes these cells and thus in the end we are accelerating our aging process, which we do not want to be doing! Again, this is her opinion, and she feels passionate about her work!

So she showed us how we can do our own non-surgical face lifts and gave us all a facial. Her friend Ruth came to help her so that everyone who wanted a facial could get one with in the hour that we meet.

It was a lot of fun and everyone could notice the difference because she did one half of the face first. (It was trippy!!) :)

Feel free to look at the site - . . . I have not had time to research all the things that she shared with us, but you can trust that Dayna is a kind and ethical woman! It is fantastic to know our options!!!

Please contact Dayna directly with any questions or requests!


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