Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting Dirty! ;)

"Hungry for a Change!"

Up and running!

This year we are going to learn and understand where our food comes from!

We are going to become proactive in the pioneering of having, growing and eating fresh fruits and veggies - locally, organically . . .even from our own households. We are going to learn locally, nationally and globally about our food sources, and together, lead by example in the choices and decisions we make and the actions we take when it comes to purchasing and eating our food!

School Gardens, and Community Gardens will be our true focus!

There is a vision - AND WE SEE IT - to have healthy foods in our schools and fresh resources in our communities! By next year this time we will have done the research and gotten the education that it takes to make major changes and immense growth in this arena! We will start here - with ourselves - and we will support one another in this beautiful journey!

There is a lot to learn and we are utilizing the systems that are already in place- 1( 877)ask- agca is phenomenal (Bill Maynard - VP - (916)508-6026, - their motto, "A growing National Movement."

Looking into amazing examples of community gardens at work. such as Atlanta Urban Gardening Program (Bobby Wilson - - (407)762-4087 - ) and many more!

There is a local school garden tour put on by Slow Food Phoenix, and Teal Hotchkiss - April 10th - - we plan on attending!

Three videos on the Horizon for our group:

1) Food Inc. "Hungry for a Change." Documentary that discusses issues on finding local organic foods, diabetes and obesity, factory farming, pesticides, environmental impacts, global food crises, foodborne illnesses, nutritional labels, farm worker protection and labeling. This documentary exposes America's industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, and economy. This will help to learn about these issues - the site shows you how you can take action through the Hungry for a Change Cafeteria and also gives steps for making positive changes in your eating habits! You can also learn more about this through .

2) Nourishing the Kids of Katrina, the edible schoolyard - This has won many accolades and awards and is a documentary of renowned chef Alice Waters Berkeley contributions to the rebirth of New Orleans poor black Green Charter School after the devastation from Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters. .

3) The Garden, a film by Scott Hamilton Kennedy. This film has earned awards from LA to FL - "From the ashes of the LA riots arose a 14 acre community garden, the largest of its kind in the United States. Now bulldozers threaten its future. If everyone told you to give up, would you?" .

You can go to to see what fruits and veggies are native of Arizona and when they are grown! Each of us will be growing some produce this year so we can get our fingers dirty, learn the basics together, and contribute to one another!

We will actively be supporting out local farmer's markets. Not all are on the site so if you know of any that are missing please comment below!

Click the links - watch the first movie - see ya next week! I am excited!!!


  1. Sounds awesome Shauna! This is going to be so much fun! I just bought Food Inc. and watched it. WOW! I look forward to being "remotely" involved for this group! Let's talk about how I can tune in for the meetings!

  2. Looks like it will be a great year. For those of you limited on space, here's an article I found on creating a container garden:


    This is an awesome video link that I think we as a group can get inspired with!

  4. Thanks Jami, Thanks Kristin! I will post link in next blog Kristin!

  5. Hello, I met Shauna and Ricki on Sunday at the Lasagna gardening class and look forward to meeting the rest of you.
    Shauna my email is
    Have a great day. Dayna

  6. P.S. You might enjoy this video... Dayna

  7. To Shauna and the rest of the beautiful ladies... Thank you for such a warm welcome! I really enjoyed myself and so loved to see the close bond you share with each other and the really cool things you are doing in your lives and the world, I really think you are a very powerful group of women... and I am glad to know you and share what ever I can with you. See you again soon. Dayna